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Apis is a bull-headed warrior, and a faithful and sincere friend of Kefer. Apis is the physically strongest of all the Egyxos. He is a trainer of warriors. He is the owner of the training ground known as the Labyrinth, of which only he knows all the secrets.


Mostly Apis tries to portray himself as a stern no-nonsense warrior, even acting condescending towards his students. Aside from that, he is compassionate and quite intelligent, and rather fearless.

Super FormEdit

Egyxos Super Apis-mob 001

Apis has the ability to don golden armor possessing great power thanks to his bracelet. Doing so transforms him much like the other warriors of Egyxos.



  • The original Apis of myth was revered in ancient antiquity as a bull deity.
  • Apis labyrinth maybe a nod to a complex of underground corridors discovered, called Serapeum, where many Apis bulls were found inside large sarcophagi.
  • Apis currently stands as one of the tallest of the characters in the series. The others being Seth and Sobek.
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