Egyxos Desert Titian 12135

The Desert Titans (or simply Titans) are a race of sentient humanoid mollusk creatures.

Thousands of year ago, No-Man's Land was an ocean. The titans lived in a vast expanse of water. When the water all dried up, the titans were able to adapt to survive. The titans went into hibernation, waiting until the habitat above ground would become hospitable again.

One day, when Kefer was building a dam. The influx of water awoke the titans. The titans attacked the dam and began to kidnap people in both the Golden and Dark armies. They forced they're captives to dig, hoping to find a source of underground water.

Leo defeated them by using fire Magic to force them to dig underground and go into hibernation once again.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Desert Titans are cephalopod-like beings. They have long arms with tentacles that function as their hands. They have red eyes with no pupils and their skin is predominantly pale-green.



  • Desert Titans appear to be very similar to the literary character Cthulhu in appearance.
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