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Vital statistics
Type A world that is mystical in nature.
Level Beyond Earth and possibly the galaxy.
Location Parallel to Earth
Inhabitants Egyxos/Egyxosians

Egyxos is a planet in an alien dimension and the home-world of Kefer and his people. It is where much of the story of the Egyxos series takes place.


The people of Egyxos once lived on Earth, living in an advanced and peaceful kingdom ruled by Ra. Until the ambitious Exaton started a war for control of the people of Earth. When His brother Kefer stepped in to stop him, their battle shook the very foundations of the universe. It was at that time that Ra intervened, fearing for the humans. Ra defeated and imprisoned Exaton. He then brought the rest of his kind to another dimension.

Before leaving himself, Ra left the Bracelet of Rа on Earth in the hope that someone worthy would find it. He also left two scepters behind, each containing a Seal of Ra. One, Kefer would use to protect his fathers kingdom until his return.


The Egyxos people are technically very advanced. They have developed electricity, flying ships, force field's, and even robotics (such as Shu).

They possess vehicles that look much like sailing ships. These ships are capable of flying at high-speeds, hovering, as well as being equipped with weapons capable of firing concentrated beams of energy.

The pyramids of Egyxos possess anti-gravity engines. Which enable the pyramids to relocate to a different location in case of emergency, to protect the people.


Egyxos is primarily a desert world, though oasis are plentiful. There are also valleys that exist beyond the desert. With large deep ravines and great mountains. Violent dust storms and desert twisters are not an uncommon sight. The wild desert is infested with deadly animals such as giant worms and scorpions.

Places of Interest

City of Egyxos

Labyrinth of Apis

No-Man's Land

Ocean of Sand

Dark Pyramid

Twilight Isles




  • Much of the inspiration for Egyxos, including architecture, the palace's and marketplace, appears to have come from ancient Egypt.
  • Kefer's (and by extension his brother Exaton's) palace appears to be inspired by the great Pyramid of Khufu.