Egyxos bracelet-DsU01

An Egyxos Bracelet is very different from a normal bracelet, it is a powerful magical amulet.

They are thick metallic, jeweled bracelets that are worn on the right forearm. All bracelets are implied to need a magical Gemstone to utilize its full power. The design of each bracelet, is slightly deferent, reflecting of their wielder's allegiance. For those who serve in the Golden Army, their bracelets are all predominantly gold. For those who follow Exaton, they wield silver bracelets.


Transformations occur when an Egyxos warrior calls out "Power of Egyxos!" The bracelet then equips that warrior with their own armor, as well as a weapon and a shield. The armor can be either gold or silver.


  • Exaton once explained that the "normal" bracelets of Egyxos are a fairly common device used by many Egyxos warriors.
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