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Egyxos is an Italian animated series produced by De Agostini Editore, Musicartoon, Planeta Junior and DeA Kids.


Egyxos premiered in Italy On Super!

And Broadcasting International Cartoon Network (US), YTV (Canada), CBBC (United Kingdom), Disney XD (France), Clan TVE (Spain), Panda Biggs (Portugal), Super RTL (Germany), Megamax (Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia), Teletoon+ (Poland), Disney XD (South Asia), MBC3 (Arabia), Artuz Hayladem (Israel), Disney XD and SVT (Sweden), Disney XD and NRK (Norway) and Disney XD and DRTV (Denmark).



  • Leo - Shawn Platzker
  • Kefer - Colin Ryan
  • Exaton - J. David Brimmer
  • Horus - Jake Paque
  • Ramses - Erwin Thomas
  • Hyksos - Jason Griffith
  • Apis - Dan Green
  • Kha - Marc Thompson
  • Neith - Rachel Wise
  • Seth - Dave Wills
  • Bes - Michael Pollock
  • Iside - Sharon Maguire
  • Osiride - Christopher McLaughlin
  • Maat - Terri Klausner
  • Anubi - Matthew Ban
  • Thoth - Bill Bob Thompson
  • Sekhmet - Carrie Watt
  • Karnak - Jim O'Brien
  • Hatanor - Jake Paque
  • Sobek - Tom Wayland
  • Shu - Marc Thompson
  • Leo's Mom - Summer Crockett Moore
  • Leo's Father - Dan Green
  • Toby - Tommy Werner
  • Juliet - Shannon Werner
  • Colin - Harris Doran
  • Bernie - Marc Thompson
  • Dale - Tom Wayland
  • Kay - Alyson Rosenfield
  • Astrid - Kylee Claxton
  • Coach - Dave Wills


Egyxos was distributed also on DVD:

Gazzetta Dello Sport Italian DVD Episodes and home Video Distribution Are Big Picture (Spain), Sony Pictures (France), FMKids (Germany), BBC Video (UK), Warner Home Video (United States), Media Service Zadawa (Poland), Kids Entertainment (Scandavia).

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