Egyxos Exaton 001
Vital statistics
Position Ruler of the Dark Army
Status Evil overlord
Physical attributes
Height About 6 foot 0 inches
Weight About 175 pounds

Exaton is the leader of the Dark Army, and he is Kefer's brother and son of Ra. Exaton is evil and feels a deep seething hatred towards his brother. Whom Exaton believes is favored by their father Ra. Exaton wishes to dominate over Egyxos and the Earth, which he believes is the property of his kingdom.


Exaton is vengeful, ambitious, opportunistic, and a little impulsive at times. Though Eaxton is a great strategist, his arrogance does cause problems for him, ultimately leading to his downfall.

Super FormEdit

Egyxos Silver-Exaton 001



  • Exaton doesn't appear to be based on any specific character from ancient Egyptian mythology.
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