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Fire Storm
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Season 1, Episode 25
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Air date May 16, 2015
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While out in No-Man's Land, Sekhmet is collecting a highly volatile substance she refers to as the Eternal Flame. During the extraction process, several creatures appear. Sekhmet recognizes them as the Dragons of the Rocks. The dragons attack, forcing Sekhmet and her troops to flee. Though not before they escape with the eternal flame.

Meanwhile, on Earth Leo has invited his friends over for a night of pizza and scary movies. Only for the Bracelet of Rа to signal to him that there is trouble in Egyxos. Leo rushes to Kefer's palace. Only to arrive right in the middle of a battle between the Golden and Dark Armies. Leo soon learns that Exaton is using the substance Sekhmet acquired force Kefer into a deal. He will rain down fire upon the city of the Egyxos until his brother surrenders the throne to him.

The Council of Regents argues against agreeing to any deal with Exaton. Osiride however warns that the flames are far more dangerous than anyone suspects. Revealing that they can not be doused by conventional means. Bes reveals that the flame was once used as a fuel source, before it was considered too dangerous. Leo quickly comes up with the idea to find the source of the flame, and take it out.

Before going in the mission to find the source of the flames. Leo checks on this friends back on Earth. Though he's less than thrilled to learn Astrid and Colin invited themselves. The pair prove to be a good distraction. Allowing Leo the chance to slip away to help his Egyxos friends.

Back on Egyxos, Exaton's men are having a hard time keeping the dragons at bay. While Leo, Kefer, Horus, and Ramses spy on them from a distance. Ramses leads the attack on the encampment. Forcing Exaton's troops to flee, freeing the unruly dragons. Though Horus gets covered in the flames. Surprisingly, the dragons stop to help him by removing the flames. Treating the eternally burning fire as a kind of nourishment, rather than a danger.

Leo and the others spot Exaton's fleet heading for Egyxos, for the final battle. Leo then gets the idea to recruit the dragons to help. After getting into a contest with the alpha dragon, by being able to stay on it's back whilst it tried to shake him off. Leo and the dragons manage to arrive in Egyxos city in time to save it from the flames. Leo and his new dragons friends, accompanied by Kefer. Then arrive at Exaton's fortress and wreck chaos before leaving with a warning to Exaton himself.

With the crisis averted, Leo returns to Earth. Leo offers pizza's to the other kids. Who've all been frightened by the horror movie, "The Island of Mutant Dragons".

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Kefer: "Remember brother: He who sows fire, only reaps ashes."
Leo: "I was about to say that."

Kefer and Leo taunt Exaton, sorta.


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