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Flinn is Leo's grandfather. Flinn was an archaeologist. When Flinn encountered the Bracelet of Rа, he felt a strong connection to it.

One day while at the museum where he worked, he put the bracelet on. In doing so Flinn accidentally opened a portal to Egyxos. Out of curiosity, Flinn stepped though the portal.

After returning to Earth, Flinn found himself summoned to Egyxos again. This time by an obsidian sarcophagus. A strange force urged him to open the sarcophagus. In doing so Flinn discovered a passage to an underground spring. Flinn soon realized the water in the springs had regenerative properties.

Years later his grandson went looking for him in Egyxos. When the pair were reunited, Leo tried to convince Flinn to come live in Kefer's kingdom. It was then that Exaton arrived to try and steal the Spring of Life. After the battle was over, Flinn decided to stay in Egyxos and continue to watch over the spring. Making certain it would never fall into Exaton's hands.



  • Flinn is Leo's maternal grandfather, meaning his last name would not be Walker.