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A Gemstone is a spherical (often blue) gem capable of producing powerful Magic. A gemstone must be infused with a bracelet in order for it to be used to it's full potential.


  • Air Gem: Is one of the most useful of all the stones. When activated with a bracelet it gives its wielder the power of flight. This gem has an illustration of a bird on it.
  • Fire Gem: This stone allows the user to generate powerful and destructive energy bursts. This gem has an illustration of rising flames on it.
  • Water Gem: When fused with a bracelet it allows the user manipulate water. This gem has the illustration of several waving lines, likely symbolizing crashing waves of water on it.
  • Stones of Destiny: These three gemstones are different from most. Their destructive power is grater than that of any other gemstone, save the Eye of Ra.
  • Eye of Ra: A unique and one of a kind gemstone. The Eye of Ra possess many unique and powerful abilities.


  • While it's not stated outright, it's possible Osiride is responsible for the creation of the more common gemstones. Save for the Eye of Ra and the Stones of Destiny, created by Ra himself.
  • The red gemstones used by Exaton's army could have been made by Sekhmet.