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In No Man's Land
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Season 1, Episode 7
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Air date Mar 14, 2015
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The warrior Hyksos is seen fighting what appears to be enemies about to attack a sleeping Leo. However, it is revealed to have been a test set up by Kefer. After Leo's banishment from Egyxos, Leo is still in danger from attacks while on Earth. So Kefer appoints Hyksos Leo's guardian and his protector.

Still feeling bitter over his banishment, Leo does not appreciate the gesture. Things get worse when Hyksos accidentally attacks local bully, Colin. The spell Hyksos used on the boy turns him to solid stone. The only thing that can save Colin before the spell is permeant is some venom from the Deadhead Scorpions.

Low on options, Leo and Hyksos are forced to ignore Kefer's banishment of Leo so they can go to No-Man's Land to retrieve an antidote. While in No-Man's Land, Leo and Hyksos encounter several dangerous animals, including a giant snake, and several giant bats.

While on the search, Leo and Hyksos find and befriend a baby scorpion. When the follow it, they learn that several Deadhead Scorpions are being captured and rounded up by Exaton's men. The animals are to be taken to Exaton's arena, to fight for his amusement.

Leo and Hyksos decide to step in and help the baby scorpions family. Once Exaton's men retreat, Hyksos asks the parent of the baby scorpion for some of its venom. The scorpion seems to understand him, granting him some of its venom.

Later Leo and Hyksos return to Earth with the venom, which Hyksos is able to turn into an antidote. Then, through the power of the antidote, Colin is revived.

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"He looks like some sort of Mary Poppins ninja."

Leo compares Hyksos to a glorified babysitter.

"Never mind Joe, I don't need any help. The van fixed itself. Yeah you heard me correctly! No I don't need a psychiatrist!"

— Hyksos repairs the damage he did to a truck. Leaving the driver and his boss stumped.

"Is their a normal animal in this place or not?"

Leo notes on Egyxos unique animal inhabitants.

Hyksos: "It seems it has taken a liking to you."
Leo: "And I don't even have a dog biscuit."

Leo makes friends with a baby Deadhead Scorpion.


Real-world references

  • At one point, Leo mentions the literary character Mary Poppins.