Egyxos Kefer 028
Vital statistics
Position King of Egyxos
Age Appears to be least 30 years old, possibly much older
Status Leader of the Golden Army
Physical attributes
Height About 6 foot 0 inches
Weight About 195 pounds

Kefer is the leader of the Golden Army, brother of Exaton and son of Ra, king of Egyxos. Kefer is brave and responsible, fights against his brother even if he would like Exaton to join him and build a kingdom together. Kefer does not rule Egyxos alone, his Council of Regents aids and advices him.


As the leader of the people of Egyxos, Kefer is brave, intelligent and just. He is also quite calm and collected most of the time, rarely ever getting angry.

Super FormEdit

Egyxos Golden Kefer 001

Kefer posses the ability to transform much like the other warriors of Egyxos thanks to his bracelet. When he does he dons golden armor possessing great power. When this happens he is referred to as "Super Kefer".



  • Kefer appears to have been somewhat inspired by the Pharaoh Khufu.
  • It is unknown what the age gap between Kefer and Exaton is. It is possible they are the same age.
  • Out of the two brothers, Kefer shows a greater physical resemblance to their father Ra.
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