Egyxos Leo & Dog 002

Lampo aka Goliath is a small puppy, with chocolate brown fur and floppy ears.

Lampo was found by Leo Walker's younger brother and sister, who tried to adopt him. They gave him the name "Goliath" and asked Leo to keep an eye on him.

When Leo had to go to Egyxos, the pup followed him by accident. Lampo quickly proved helpful to Leo and Kefer, even battling alongside them against Sobek and his men.

Eventually Leo learned of "Goliath's" true identity. He then made certain, with the reluctant aid of his siblings, that the dog found his way back to his proper owner.



  • The puppy Lampo is likely named after the real-life dog made world famous by the monument, and later book titled "Lampo: the traveling dog".
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