Leo Walker
Egyxos Leo 001
Vital statistics
Position The Last Pharaoh
Warrior of Egyxos
Age 12
Status Ordinary kid turned superhero
Physical attributes
Height About 4 foot 10 inches
Weight About 75 pounds

Leo Walker is a 12-year-old boy who lives in a large city. He has a passion for everything to do with ancient Egypt and Basketball. He even got a place in the school basketball team. Leo is the last of the earthly Pharaohs. He owns a powerful amulet called the Bracelet of Rа. Leo has a big family, including his father, mother and two siblings Juliet and Toby. He is friends with Kay, Astrid, Dale and Bernie.

He was found by Ramses to summon him to Egyxos. Where creatures gifted with amazing powers were fighting an endless war for control of the kingdom. Each faction led by one of two brothers - the good, brave Kefer. And the selfish, cruel Exaton. Kefer approaches Leo, explaining that he and the immense power of The Last Pharaoh he has inherited can help save his people.


Despite some childish tendencies, Leo is a very heroic, caring and generally good-natured, kid who is always willing to help others.

Leo has displayed good leadership skills, as well as a talent to adapt to new situations, becoming serious when it's called for.

Despite how much trouble they cause, Leo is very protective of his younger siblings. He was particularly vicious while fighting Exaton after he'd learned the Dark Pharaoh's newest plan involved kidnapping his brother Toby.

Super FormEdit

Egyxos Leo in Armor 001

Thanks to the Bracelet of Rа, Leo can transform much like Kefer and his warriors. Unlike their armor, Leo has access to many more abilities due to the power of the Bracelet of Rа. To transform Leo calls out the words, "Power of Egyxos!".



  • According to Leo himself:
    • Leo used to sleep walk when he was younger. He later discovered that he still does occasionally.
    • Leo's favorite thing to do is play Basketball.
    • Leo's least favorite school subject is math.
    • Leo has had a crush on Kay since they were both in primary school.
  • Compared to Ramses, Leo has good table manners.
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