Neith 020 Egyxos

Neith is the only female warrior of the Golden Army. She is the guardian of the city gates. Neith is brave and fearless, willing to rush into battle at a moments notice. When she first met Leo Walker, she accidentally mistook him for an invading enemy.


Neith takes her job as the protector of the gates very seriously. Neith is never one to back down from a challenge. Underneath the surface, however, she is fun, warm and enjoys playing basketball with the other warriors.

Super FormEdit

Egyxos Super Neith 001

Neith posses the ability to transform much like the other warriors of Egyxos thanks to her bracelet. When she dons her golden armor she retains her original weapon.


  • The original Neith (also known as Net) was a goddess of hunting and war in ancient Egyptian mythology.
  • One of Neith's symbols of power was a stick uadj, which she used as a scepter of power.
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