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Ra long ago ruled over the people of Egyxos, when they lived on Earth. Until Ra's ambitious son Exaton started a war for control of the people of Earth. Ra eventually fought, defeated and imprisoned Exaton. He then brought the rest of his kind to what would become Egyxos.

After that Ra mysteriously vanished, but not before leaving behind several magical items. Including the Bracelet of Rа and two scepters, hoping that someone worthy would find them.

After that Ra slept for many years. Eventually, during an eclipse the Honor Guards of Ra emerged from the sands, signaling Ra's awakening. Leo Walker and Neith then went down into the Chamber of Ra. He was awakened by Leo, who used the powers of the Eye of Ra within his bracelet.

Once Leo explained what was going on. Ra and Leo made their way to the desert were Kefer and Exaton were battling. Ra helped defeat Exaton, stripping him of his remaining powers. With the war with Exaton over, Ra helped Leo return to Earth.


Ra is kind and selfless, he favored Kefer because he proved that he he was the complete opposite of his brother Exaton.


  • Ra's long sleep after defeating his son is similar to the legend of King Arthur. Though unlike Arthur, Ra was not mortally wounded after the battle with Exaton. He then returned years later, to rescue his kingdom from great peril.