Egyxos razer wasp 001

A Razer Wasps are a type of insect found in Egyxos. Razer Wasps look similar to bees and hornets in appearance, and usually attack with their stinger, which is strong enough to pierce stone and metal.

Razer Wasps like to make their nests in the trees and shrubs of Egyxos. Razer Wasps are characterized by far greater ferocity than Earth bees. When they perceive a threat or annoyance, they will attack relentlessly and rarely give up on their pursuit.



  • The wasp is a type of insect in the order of Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita which is neither a bee nor an ant.
  • Razer Wasps share the aggressive tendencies of real-world Killer Bees, though they appear more intelligent.
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