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The Scepter of Duat is a powerfully magical, yet highly dangerous, scepter that grants its user the power to temporarily bring the dead back to life.


The scepter was on Earth for over a thousand years. Until the day it was discovered by Anubi, who quickly turned the scepter over to his master, Exaton. Exaton then used the scepters power to raise an army of the undead.

After the pair fought, Leo was able to steal the scepter from Exaton. Leo then used it's power to order all the undead to cease in their actions and return to their rest. Once that was done, Leo broke the scepter in half, destroying it.


The amount of control the scepter exerts upon the undead is not absolute. Those revived by the scepter will turn on the user if they don't continue to use it's magic to reassert control.


  • The name Duat was what the ancient Egyptians called the afterlife.