The Battle of Champions
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Season 1, Episode 13
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Air date Apr 04, 2015
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The Great River Marauders of the Sand Ocean

Exaton's latest scheme involves Leo's little brother Toby.


Exaton discovers that the power of the Bracelet of Rа is inheritance, and he knows that Leo has a little brother, kill Leo and capture the other brother Toby. To do this, he proposes that Kefer fight in a duel, the reason being that if he fights the champion he will be close to Leo and can kill him. But Leo discovers Exaton's intention and stops the plan.

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"It wasn't their lucky day. Well, to tell you the truth, it's never their lucky day."

Leo, describes how he beat Anubi, again.

"This is private property, go invade some other city."

Leo indulges in some trash-talk with Exaton's army.

"We will kidnap the child. I will educate him on how to become a real Egyxos, and he will fight for me!"

Exaton's latest plan to brainwash Leo's brother is, actually pretty frightening.


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