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The Claws of Sobek
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Season 1, Episode 6
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Air date Mar 08, 2015
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The Shadow of Exaton In No Man's Land


In a prison cell in the city of Egyxos, a guard feeds a prisoner his ration of food. The prisoner is Sobek, a mighty Crocodilian-humanoid. With some ingenuity, Sobek manages to escape his chains and cell. Before he can escape the city, Sobek is confronted by Kefer himself.

The next day, back on Earth. Leo is in his room when Ramses suddenly appears before him. Telling Leo that he is being summoned as the Last Pharaoh of Earth for an important function. When Leo arrives he meets Sobek, whom he learns is a traitor who has escaped imprisonment many times before. It is decided that Sobek will be banished. Sent beyond the sands of No-Man's Land. Leo goes along with Kefer and the others as they escort the imprisoned Sobek to his final destination.

However, the plan goes wrong when Exaton's forces attack. Sobek then appears, much to everyone's shock. He explains that his escape was thanks to the unknowing Leo. Who'd accidentally given him the means to escape his prison capsule. Sobek escapes with Exaton's men, as Leo feels terrible for inadvertently helping the traitor escape.

Despite already feeling terrible for what happened. Kefer explains to Leo that due to his actions he must be punished. Which means he will be banished from Egyxos, forever...

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Golden Army

Dark Army



"If you wanted to take a bath, you should have just asked."

Kefer to Sobek

Ramses: "You will be assisting in something that will benefit in your journey among the Egyxos. As well as your own personal growth."
Leo: "Really, what's it about? Oh, I get it. Your not going to tell me any more than that."

Leo and Ramses

"Yikes! What an ugly puss. He gives me the creeps."

Leo meets Sobek.

"The Dark Pharaoh never forgets those who are loyal to him..."

Exaton, not sounding ominous at all.

"Battles aren't only won with physical combat. You must also use your wits."

Sobek makes a good point.


Real-world references

  • The Gambebox, the game system Bernie plays may be a nod to the Gameboy or Xbox game systems.