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The Heart of Shu
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Season 1, Episode 17
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Air date Apr 18, 2015
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Exaton meets with one of his informants. The informant presents Exaton with a piece of technology. The piece is in fact a fragment of the robotic armor, Shu. Exaton notes that the fragment is the last piece of Shu he needed to reassemble Shu. As Exaton reactivates Shu, he explains that Sekhmet has insured that Shu will not be able to rebel against him like he did before.

Exaton then sets up a trap to lure out Leo. Leo falls for the trap and Exaton has Shu trap Leo within its armor. Exaton then has Shu attack Kefer and the Golden Army. Once they learn Leo is trapped within Shu. Not wishing to harm Leo. Kefer and the others are injured due to holding back.

Eventually, Leo is able to break free of Shu. Leo and Shu then end up back on Earth. Shu regains control of himself and attempts to take Leo's bracelet by threatening innocent bystanders. Leo hands over his bracelet, only to reveal to Shu that he'd taken the Eye of Ra from the bracelet. This causes the portal Shu is standing in to cut out, destroying Shu in the process.

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Golden Army

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Leo: "This car has taken some beatings lately."
Dale: "So he needs a look-out. He said, not even a scratch."
Leo: "Maybe he should swap cars, or schools."

— Or perhaps he shouldn't park behind the basketball net...


  • At the end of the episode, the pieces of Shu on Earth appear to liquefy and come together. This is not mentioned again in the series.

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