The Judgment of the Labyrinth
Egyxos Judgment of the Labyrinth 005
Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date Feb 28, 2015
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Leo returns to Egyxos, and he meets Neith and Apis. Leo must prove that he is a warrior by facing Apis Labyrinth.


Hoping to learn more about his new powers. Leo arrives in Egyxos, their he encounters a guard named Neith and is attacked due to her mistaking him for an enemy. During the fight Leo manages beat her, Neith tries to finish him but is stopped when Kefer and Horus appear. Kefer explains to Neith that Leo is a friend, though Neith doesn't appear convinced.

After that Leo is introduced to Kefer's council. While this is going on, Horus approaches Neith. Horus says that he thinks Neith is right to be suspicious of Leo. He then offers her an idea. He gives her a broach that belongs to his mother. The plan will be to frame Leo for theft. Leo will then receive a small punishment to teach him humility.

Neith goes though with the plan, making it appear Leo stole the broach. The council accuse Leo of causing trouble. Leo becomes desperate to prove his innocence. So it is decided to prove his honorable intent, Leo must face Apis Labyrinth. When she sees the risks Leo is willing to go through to prove his innocence. Neith feels guilty and confronts Horus. Horus is shocked and explains that he never suggested the plan to Neith. Realizing she'd been tricked, Neith goes into the Labyrinth to find him. Kefer soon follows, promising to bring both of them out safely.

Within the maze of the Labyrinth, Leo is soon found by Neith and Kefer. They are all able to escape, thanks to Kefer simply creating a hole in the roof. However, even though he was rescued and his innocence proven a guilt-stricken Neith offers to resign. Leo defends her by pointing out that everyone makes mistakes. The council agrees and Neith is allowed to stay on as the defender of the city walls.

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"Your owner pays me to walk you, not to let you watch TV."

Leo to the dog Storm.

"Not bad, for a first date. I've had worse."

Leo, after battling with Neith, only digs himself in deeper.

"One hits me with a hammer, this one wont even say hi. Their are some real nice folks in this town."

Leo, lamenting Seth's gruff attitude.


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