The Missing Plane

The Missing Plane
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Season 1, Episode 20
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Air date Apr 26, 2015
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An Air Force pilot from Earth accidentally ends up on Egyxos. Leo Walker and the Golden Army must find a way to return him home.


While flying his craft during a routine training flight, pilot Sid Cooper arrives in Egyxos, through an accidentally created tear in reality. When Captain Cooper lands he quickly discovers that he's no longer on Earth.

Cooper's arrival in Egyxos does not go unnoticed. Cooper is soon captured by Exaton's men, who bring him before Exaton. Exaton is very interested by the strange appearance of Cooper and his aircraft, he interrogates Cooper personally. For his part, Cooper remains defiant.

Exaton then forces Cooper to show him his craft. When Cooper, Exaton and Sekhmet find his plane, Cooper makes to run. He's nearly caught once more, but Leo, Kefer and the others arrive in time to rescue him.

Osiride manages to come up with a way to not only return Cooper to Earth, but also close the open rift. While that is going on, Leo has to chase down a stray Deadhead Scorpion that came through the rift to Earth.

When Cooper and Kefer get to his plane. Exaton attempts to ambush them. Cooper manages to make it to his plane and take off, as Kefer distracts Exaton. As this is going on, Leo returns to help, with the scorpion in tow. Cooper heads towards the rift, and is able to make it inside. Cooper safely makes it back to Earth. However, thanks to Osiride he no longer remembers Egyxos.


"I'm ready to return, and now that I've got that pilots license. Make that long flight to Hawaii."

Cooper, only just graduated and is already planning his vacation.

Cooper: "He's your brother?!"
Kefer: "It's a long and complicated story."
Cooper: "No one has a short and simple story around here I guess."

Cooper realizes nobodies backstory is simple.

"I can't let you shoot a visiting human, now can I? Imagine what the tourist board would have to say about that?"

Leo, as he saves Cooper's plane from being shot down.

"But I can't wait to get my license and take a vacation, maybe to Egypt!"

— Osiride's memory erasing device doesn't work any better on Cooper than it did on Astrid.


  • The same kind of device used on Astrid to erase her short-term memoires is used on Cooper. And just like with Astrid in "The Prisoner of the Desert", Cooper seems to remember more than he should.

Real-world references

  • This episode is also titled "The Lost Airplane".
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