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The Pirates of the Air
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Season 1, Episode 21
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Air date May 02, 2015
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The Missing Plane Maat's Feather


One day, for seemingly no reason. Some of the pyramids within Egyxos city lift off into the air and disappear into the sky.

Leo later returns and after some investigating. It's discovered that the activation codes for the anti-gravity system of each building stolen. Allowing whoever acquired the codes to activate the anti-gravity controls to the buildings. After their flight into the sky. Leo and the others discover the pyramids are being plundered by Sobek, again on the scene in the role of pirate of the air on Exaton's orders.

While trying to investigate who gave the Dark Pharaoh the codes to anti-gravity system. Leo employees the help of Osiride, and his spy technology. Leo, Neith, and Bes then try to thwart Sobek, only to be captured. They are to be turned over to Exaton, but during the confirmation they manage to turn the tables on their captors and escape.

Later, the group learns thanks to Osiride's device that Sobek gained the codes thanks to inside help. Though they still can't discern the identity of the spy. Exaton meanwhile is displeased with Sobek's continued failures. He contacts Sobek, only to tell him their alliance is done. Sobek, angered by this betrayal Sobek exiles himself from the Egyxos, vowing revenge against the Dark Pharaoh, and all those who have wronged him.

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"The last Pharaoh. His guardian girlfriend. And "Big" Bes."

Exaton starts gloating as he lists off the captives he's collected.


  • Leo and the others learn Seth has a soft spot for sweets.
  • At the end of the episode, Sobek severs all ties with Exaton.

Real-world references

  • This episode is also titled "Air Raiders".
  • The idea that their is a traitor among Kefer's allies was first mentioned several episodes ago.