The Seal of Sekhmet
Egyxos Seal of Sekhmet 001
Season 1, Episode 8
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Air date Mar 15, 2015
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In No Man's Land The Prisoner of the Desert

Sekhmet is hatching a plot to use the power to mesmerize and control any warrior she wants for Exaton.


After Anubi and Thoth get into an argument, which turns into a brawl that seems to exhaust the pair. The sorceress Sekhmet approaches Exaton with a proposal. She has invented a small device which can be attached to anyone, granting her complete control over that person.

Exaton has her use the invention to trick Kefer and his Golden Army into thinking Kha is a traitor. They use Kha as a weapon against his friends. When Leo arrives in Egyxos, he Kefer and Horus head off to Exaton's Dark Pyramid to learn what's happened to Kha.

When they arrive they see Sekhmet using her powers to force Kha into fighting Exatons warriors for amusement. When they realize Kha is being controlled against his will, Horus, unwisely tries to intervene. While he and Kefer battle Kha, Leo runs off after Sekhmet. When he confronts her, Leo destroys her magical device. With Kha now free of Sekhmet and Exaton, all four warriors return safely to the city of Egyxos.

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"Your career as a puppet master is finished Sekhmet!"

Leo, as he destroys Sekhmet's mind control device.

"Oh no, were locked outside!"

— Leo's family walk out the door, only to realize they just locked themselves out.


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