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The Shadow of Exaton
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Season 1, Episode 5
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Air date Mar 07, 2015
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The Warrior's Path The Claws of Sobek


Strange things have been happening around the school lately. Someone is causing trouble, with graffiti and vandalism. Leo is shocked when numerous people accuse him of causing the trouble.

Leo is angry and in denial, until he meets his doppelganger face-to-face. His evil twin reveals that he is in-fact Anubi in disguise. Anubi explains that since Exaton knows his identity on Earth. He will continue to impersonate Leo in order to make the boys' life so unbearable that he will agree to come serve Exaton.

With some help from, Kefer, Hyksos and Kha. Leo locates Anubi and his men and lures them into a trap. The trap works, forcing Anubi and his men to retreat.

Later, needing to take the blame for Anubi's actions. Leo comes up with a believable excuse for "his" actions and apologizes.

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Golden Army

Dark Army



Leo: "Who are you?!"
Fake Leo: "Can't you tell?" *transforms back into Anubi* "I'm you."

Leo meets his trouble making imposter.


Real-world references