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The Warrior's Path
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Season 1, Episode 4
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Air date Mar 01, 2015
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The Judgment of the Labyrinth The Shadow of Exaton


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Golden Army

Dark Army



"You can learn all about math, trigonometry, and algebra, but girls? Their a total mystery."

Leo, after his strike-out with Kay.

"If you come out now, I'll just give you a black eye. How does that sound?"

Coiln's idea of generosity.

Leo: "I'm just getting used too.... my...Halloween costume."
Pedestrian: "But isn't Halloween still a long way off?"
Leo: "I know, that's why I need to test it out."

Leo trying to explain away his Egyxos armor.

"Ughhh. Did you get the license plate of that truck?"

Leo, suffering a "mild" concussion.

Leo: "You know Apis. You should believe people when they say you've got a lousy disposition."
Apis: "Which people say I have a lousy disposition?"
Leo: "More or less everybody."

Leo to Apis on his attitude.


Real-world references

  • The names Vincent Price and Peter Lorre are on the list of students who made it onto the basketball team.